For teaching the Quran, we have highly trained teachers and outstanding communicators who are passionate about spreading the Quran and the message of Islam worldwide. Our lecturers are the professionals and they make the lessons interesting for the students. Following are our highly trained online Quranic hafiz teachers.

Muhammad Waqas (Hafiz-e-Quran)

  • Proficient in the teaching of Arabic and Quranic languages
  • Comprehensive experience of teaching at different levels and to different age groups
  • Outstanding expertise in teamwork and good public relations

Muhammad Awais (Hafiz-e-Quran)

  • Exceptional understanding of the religion of Islam
  • Strong ability to read and teach the Quran and knowledge to teach various age groups
  • Strong skills in verbal and written communication


  • Holy Quran Tutored with Tajweed and strong pronunciation
  • Selected teaching objectives for consistency, balance, and suitability for diverse learners
  • Implemented plans and visions for teaching to make lessons interesting for students

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